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MISS LATINA DEL MUNDO TRAVEL is a brand new service we launched in June 2015. So it becomes more confortable for your Finalist and Queens traveling around the world because we take care about your Flights, Hotel Reservations, Transfers and so on.

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miss latina del mundo

MISS LATINA DEL MUNDO is preparing the Finale 2016 and our Staff is evaluating locations in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Aruba and the United States. As soon as we have more details we will inform our National Directors. Application are open from June 1st.

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TeleLatina.TV Communications Inc. is our Video and Streaming Media Partner. The Finale will be broadcasted live from the stage.

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Candidate Belén Garro for Miss Latina del Mundo

Photo: Nahuel Tow, official photographer 2016.

Our Pageant System is open for young girls with origins from Latin America, the Carribean Area, Spain or Portugal. If you have a passport from one of the mentionned countries, or your parents or grand-parents are from there, then you will be eligible to compete and to represent your country. Be part of the success.